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Nationwide Outage Impacts Texas Work Search Websites

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Nationwide Outage Impacts Texas Work Search Websites


Date: June 29, 2022

Media Contact: Angela Woellner
Phone: 512-463-8556

WorkInTexas.com and related sites are currently down, TWC establishes page highlighting other job search tools

AUSTIN – Three work search websites in Texas are offline following a nationwide outage impacting many states’ job search websites. Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) contracts with Geographic Solutions, Inc (GSI) to host WorkInTexas.com and two related sites, MyTXCareer.com and TXInternshipChallenge.com. The outage at GSI started on Sunday, June 26. TWC is working with GSI to understand the impact of the outage and confirm when the system will be online again, although it is anticipated that the sites will be down until early next week.

TWC has created a webpage for individuals who need resources to attain employment, as well as to meet work search requirements during these outages. On the new page, there are alternative resources and a list of other popular work search websites. In addition, passing a Metrix Learning course is deemed an acceptable work search activity and is free to all Texans.

Local Workforce Solutions offices remain open, with a full staff ready to assist both employers and job seekers. Job seekers can meet their work search requirements and obtain reemployment resources at a local office. Those resources include skills assessments for occupational matching, instructional workshops such as resume preparation, and labor market information. Additionally, in-person and virtual job fairs are continually held across the state and can be found on the TWC Job Fairs webpage.

Although the technical outage from GSI has resulted in WorkInTexas.com, MyTXCareer.com, and TXInternshipChallenge.com going offline, TWC’s website, twc.texas.gov, is managed in-house, and is not impacted.


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