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Child Care & Early Learning Division

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Child Care & Early Learning Division

Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley is working hard to ensure that all workers in the Brazos Valley have access to child care services. Please utilize the resources below for Low-Income (At-Risk) child care services.

Brazos Valley Child Care Waitlist Application

Brazos Valley Child Care Waitlist Instructions

Please Note: At this time, Child Care Services is having open enrollment. Please complete the waitlist to begin the application process.

Please complete the Pre-Eligibility Screening Application above and return it to CCMS@bvcog.org to have your household added to the Waitlist! 

Please Note: Unborn children cannot be added to the Waitlist for Child Care Scholarships.

Child Care Scholarships

Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley provides child care scholarships to low income families in the 7-county region. To be eligible to apply for child care services, each parent or guardian residing with the child must be working, in initial job search, in an approved training program, or in school a minimum of 25 hours per week. Eligibility for at-risk child care assistance is based not only on approved activity hours, but also on your family’s gross income and the number of people in your household. Eligible families are required to pay a parent share of cost that is based on their level of income, household size, and number of children in care. If you are participating in other Workforce Programs, like WIOA and Choices, you could also be eligible to receive a child care scholarship. To find out if you are eligible for these services, please contact Child Care Services at (979) 595-2801, extension 2105 or email CCMS@bvcog.org.


In order to support Texas’ continued economic recovery, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is implementing the Initial Job Search Child Care initiative to assist At-risk families who are engaged in job search opportunities and are in need of child care. While the initiative is targeting families currently seeking employment, all families that meet eligibility requirements continue to have access to TWC’s regular child care scholarship program.


  • 3 months of child care
  • $0 parent share of cost
  • Self-attestation of the need for job search child care


  • One parent household must be seeking employment for a minimum of at least 25 hours per week and two-parent household must be seeking a total of 50 hours per week to qualify
  • If employment requirements (25/50) are met within the three months, eligibility will continue for 12 months.
  • The family income is at or below 85 percent SMI and  

The Child/Children

  • Must be under the age of 13 (or, under the age of 19 if disabled)
  • Has citizenship or legal immigration status
  • Resides with family (including with an individual standing in loco parentis) within the Brazos Valley Workforce Development Area (Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson, and Washington Counties)
  • Enrolled children must meet attendance standards

2070J Brazos Valley Job Search Application PY24

Remember to report all changes to CCS Staff within 14 calendar days of the change!

Important Documents for Child Care Scholarship  Applicants

Waitlist Application 24

2020A Eligibility Requirements PY 24

Parent Rights and Information Forms (2025 A-D)

Employment and Wage Verification (4030)

Enrollment Verification Form (4060)

Orientation to Complaint Form – English (4090)

Orientation to Complaint Form – Spanish (4090)

Release of Information Form (2400 AL)

Babel Notice (4095)

Electronic Signature Consent Form (4500L)

Provider Lists

List of Providers who accept Child Care Scholarships:   Child Care Provider List updated February 2022

To View Providers By City

To View Texas Rising Star Provider Providers 

To View Child Care Provider List in Excel

Texas Rising Star (TRS): a voluntary program for providers who are committed to quality care and who exceed the state’s minimum child care standards. Texas Rising Star Provider certification is a process for improving the quality of child care services provided in Texas. The system provides graduated (2-4 star) levels of certification as providers meet progressively higher certification requirements.

In addition to Texas Rising Star, there are other National Quality Child Care Indicators including:

  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA)
  • National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Program (NACCP)
  • Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI)
  • National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)
  • National After-School Association (NAA)

Parent Information for Choosing a Child Care Provider (2025C)

Resources for Child Care Providers and Parents

There is online training for child care providers related to the inclusion of infants and toddlers with special needs in child care settings. With funding provided by the Texas Workforce Commission, Child Care Licensing contracted with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to develop several online courses, tip sheets, and multi-media resources intended for parents, providers, and child care licensing staff.

All online courses and training materials are available to the public on the AgriLife website on their Child Care Training page. Most materials are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Texas Child Care Connection Attendance System

Information about the new attendance system is available to parents and child care providers at TX3C.info (https//Tx3c.info). Check out the webinars on this site that will help you learn about the new system! Answers to many questions about the new system can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this newsletter.

Child Care Relief Fund Technical Assistance For Providers

We are excited to share the new toll-free phone number for providers seeking assistance with the Child Care Relief Fund 2022. All contact options are listed below.

Child Care Relief Fund Technical Assistance Team

Agents are available to support providers in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese (other languages may be available through translation services).

Current hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.

After the application launches, agents will be available 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM Monday – Friday and 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM on Saturday.

Providers may also find up-to-date information on our CCRF 2022 website at  https://twc.texas.gov/programs/child-care-relief-funding, including FAQs in English and Spanish (Vietnamese coming soon!)

Resources for Parents

Little Texans Big Futures provides useful reminders about responsive caregiving, selecting high-quality care, and the importance of developmental screenings at www.littletexans.org

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services: http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/

Look Before You Lock: Child Safety Tips to Prevent Children Being Left in Vehicles: Look Before You Lock Tips

Visit ChildrenAtRisk.com to see where your child’s school ranks among Texas Public Schools or go to http://texasschoolguide.org/.

Parent Information on Developmental Screenings (2025D)

Resources for Providers

Texas Rising Star Program: Texas Rising Star Webpage

Provider Handbook: Provider Handbook – Effective December 2021

FEMA’s Children and Disasters Webpage: https://www.fema.gov/children-and-disasters

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